Typical Tuesday

My semester has been over for a couple of weeks now, so the last few Tuesdays have been spent relaxing by the beach, going hiking, and even scuba diving in Australia. However, my typical Tuesday during the semester was spent mostly in class or doing homework since it was my busiest day. My Tuesdays started … Continue reading Typical Tuesday

Hamilton Gardens

"Hamilton doesn't have much going for it, except the gardens. That's about it." The common attitude among the New Zealand students is that you have to leave Hamilton if you want to see and do stuff. However, despite the negative attitude towards Hamilton, I've only ever heard great things about the gardens. Since the weather … Continue reading Hamilton Gardens

Shoes optional.

Here's six examples of why it's called culture shock and not cultural differences-that-are-to-be-expected: Driving on the left. It only took a few car rides to get used to driving on the opposite side of the road, but it took a couple weeks before I didn't have to consciously think "right, left, right" when crossing the street. Driving on … Continue reading Shoes optional.